Top 7 Personal Finance Apps for College Students in India

Top 7 Personal Finance App for College Students in India

As college life unfolds, so do the challenges and responsibilities that come with managing finances. From tuition fees to daily expenses, students are faced with the need for budgeting, saving, and making informed financial decisions. Fortunately, the digital age has ushered in a plethora of personal finance apps designed to simplify money management. In this article, we’ll explore the best personal finance apps tailored for college students in India.

1. Walnut: Your Financial Companion

Walnut is a comprehensive finance app that tracks expenses, categorizes spending, and provides insights into your financial habits. For college students on a tight budget, Walnut’s ability to analyze spending patterns can be a game-changer. The app also offers bill reminders, ensuring you never miss a payment deadline.

2. Splitwise: Simplifying Shared Expenses

Living with roommates often involves splitting bills and expenses. Splitwise is the go-to app for seamlessly managing shared finances. From splitting rent to dividing grocery costs, Splitwise simplifies the process, eliminating any financial strain between friends. It also allows for IOUs and simplifies settling up.

3. ET Money: Invest with Confidence

ET Money is not just a budgeting app; it’s a holistic personal finance platform that encourages savings and investment. College students can use the app to start investing in mutual funds with as little as ₹100. With user-friendly interfaces and expert recommendations, ET Money empowers students to take their first steps towards building a secure financial future.

4. Expense Manager: Budgeting Made Easy

For students who prefer a straightforward budgeting app, Expense Manager fits the bill. It allows users to track income and expenses, set budgets for various categories, and view detailed reports. The app’s simplicity makes it an ideal choice for those new to personal finance management.

5. Paytm: The All-in-One Digital Wallet

While primarily known as a digital payment platform, Paytm has evolved into an all-in-one financial app. College students can use Paytm for mobile recharges, bill payments, and even as a digital wallet for everyday transactions. With its user-friendly interface, Paytm simplifies the financial ecosystem for students.

6. Goodbudget: Envelope Budgeting for the Tech-Savvy

Goodbudget takes a unique approach to budgeting by adopting the envelope system in a digital format. Users allocate funds to different virtual “envelopes” for specific expenses, helping them stay on top of their financial goals. The app is particularly useful for students who prefer a tactile approach to budgeting.

7. YONO SBI: A Full-Service Banking App

If you have an account with the State Bank of India, the YONO (You Only Need One) app is a powerful tool. It combines banking, investments, and shopping in one platform. College students can manage their accounts, apply for loans, and even explore investment options through this comprehensive app.


Navigating personal finances as a college student can be challenging, but these personal finance apps are here to make the journey smoother. From budgeting to investing, these apps cater to various financial needs, helping students develop responsible money management habits that will serve them well beyond their college years. Embrace the power of technology and take control of your financial future with these top-notch personal finance apps.

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